Conclave 2021

VIA Experience

Here in Section W-1S we like to provide a memorable and unique conclave experience for all our new Ordeal members.

What is a Very Important Arrowman?

A new Arrowman, a member who was inducted into the Order of the Arrow since our last conclave, is considered a Very Important Arrowman at conclave, or VIA. While all Arrowmen are important, each year we induct new members, they become the future of our organization. 

If you were inducted into the Order of the Arrow after September 2019, you are considered a new Arrowman and VIA for the 2021 Section W-1S Conclave.

How is conclave different for new Arrowmen?

We try to make the entire conclave experience special for new Arrowmen. 

Registration Discount: All new Arrowmen will receive a $5 discount on their conclave registration fee during online registration. 

Special VIA Lunch: All new Arrowmen are invited to attend the VIA Luncheon. This special lunch on Saturday of conclave will feature OA floats, inspiration messages from section and lodge leaders, and the opportunity to meet other new Arrowmen from around the section. You may even meet a national officer!


Don’t miss out! REGISTER TODAY!

The conclave committee is still busy planning all the details for this year’s event so check back later for updates on the 2021 conclave program. 

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