Conclave 2021

Conclave Training

One of the most important aspects of conclave is the training program. Conclave training is designed to provide Arrowmen new skills and ideas to take back to their unit, chapter and lodge and help improve those programs. 

Updated Training Format

The section training committee has decided to discontinue the Ktemaque University format where Arrowmen earn “degrees” based on their year of attending training. 

This year, training will be divided into “treks.” Each trek will have three classes that are related to each other in some way and vary in degree of difficulty or complexity of content. 

Arrowmen do not have to take all the classes in a trek. They can take one class from one trek, another class from another trek, or any combination they wish.

Class Schedule

Look for the training flyer in the the conclave registration packet. 
This will be your complete guide to conclave training this year.


Contact with any questions.

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