Conclave 2021

Conclave Registration Information

This page has all the resources you need to register for the 2021 Section W-1S Conclave, which will be held September 10-12 at Hoodoo Ski Area. 

Section W-1S uses the National OA Event Registration System (NOAERS) for conclave registration. To complete the online registration, you will need an ArrowID account and your BSA ID number. If you need assistance creating an ArrowID account or registering for conclave, please see the step-by-step “Registering for Conclave Using NOAERS” instructions below. 

NOTE: If you already have an ArrowID account, do not create another one. It causes confusion later on. 


Due to new national requirements for short-term events and the challenges of planning in-person events during the pandemic, pre-registration is required to attend the event. 

Online Payment Recommended

Paying online before the event is highly encouraged and will get you through the check-in lines faster and out enjoying all that conclave has to offer. 

You can pay online up until you arrive at the event. 

Fee Schedule
$50 Registration
Regular Registration
$45 Registration
New Arrowmen Registration

Registration Questions

If you have any questions about conclave registration, please contact the conclave registration team at

Registration FAQ

ArrowID is the single sign-on (SSO) system for the Order of the Arrow’s technology services including NOAERS, OA Lodgemaster, member portal, and several other services operated by the National OA Technology Committee. 

All staff and participants of the Section W-1S Conclave are required to be registered in the Boy Scouts of America. In addition, all staff and participants 18 years of age or older are required to have completed Youth Protection training (YPT) within the last two years. 

Yes. If you want to register for conclave but cannot afford to pay the registration fee right now, you may select the pay onsite option and then pay later.  

Life happens. Please contact our registration team at

Event fees are fully refundable until the start of the event. 
If you are unable to make it to the event, you can request a refund. 

To request a refund, please email

Registering for Conclave Using NOAERS

Step 1

Once on the Section W-1S Conclave 2021 event on the NOAERS website (access by clicking the “Register For Conclave Here” button above), click “Login” in the top right corner of the page. 

Step 2

If you already have an ArrowID (from using the system for NOAC, 2019 Conclave, member portal, or Lodgemaster), login using your account credentials. Skip to step 9.

NOTE: If you already have an ArrowID account, do not create a new one. 

If you DO NOT have an ArrowID, click “Create a new account.”

Step 3

Fill out the requested information to create your account and then click “Register.”

Step 4

A notification will appear on the next screen asking you to confirm your email address. Navigate to your email account.

Note: You may close this screen. 

Step 5

Locate the email from “ArrowID – Order of the Arrow, BSA. ” Make sure to check your spam folder. 

Open the email and click “Confirm Account.”

Step 6

On the next window, click “click here” to go to the login page. 

Step 7

Enter your email and password for your new ArrowID account and click “Login.”

Step 8

Select “Section W-1S Conclave 2021” from the list of events under Western Region.

Step 9

Select your delegate registration type (Lo La’Qam Geela, Tsisqan, Wauna La-Mon’tay, or Out-of-Section).

Step 10

Fill out all requested information in the Personal Information, Emergency Contact, and Scouting Information sections. 

NOTE: BSA Member ID is REQUIRED to register for conclave.

You can also use the “Populate from Profile” tool by clicking the button in the upper right corner to pull in information stored in your NOAERS account.

Step 11

Click “Proceed to Checkout”

Step 12

Review your information and then click “Proceed to Payment.”

Step 13

Select your payment method (on-site or online). 

NOTE: It is recommended that you pay your conclave registration online when you register (or at least no later than than the week before the event). It helps our registration team be prepared for our arrival and it will get you checked in and enjoying conclave much faster. 

Step 14

Click “Place this Order.” 

Step 15

If you selected “Online Payment”, you will be directed to a window to enter your credit card information. 

That’s It!

Once your registration is complete, you will see a window that says “Thank You for Registering.” You will receive an email shortly afterward with additional information.

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