Conclave 2021

General Information

We are excited to hold conclave in-person this year and want to provide a fun and safe experience for everyone.

We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and any restrictions that may come as a result. Section W-1S will follow all state, federal, or local mandates regarding COVID-19, including the wearing of masks. 

On August 14th, a statewide mask mandate went into affect for all indoor locations in the State of Oregon. On August 17th, a statewide mask mandate goes into effect for all outdoor public spaces. As a result, all participants, staff, and guests of the 2021 Section W-1S Conclave will be required to wear a face mask at all times while around other people at Hoodoo Ski Area

Additionally, the section has decided to reduce the indoor space used for conclave by moving the vast majority of conclave program and operations outdoors. 

The lodge at Hoodoo Ski Area will only be used for the following: 

  • Using the bathrooms just inside the main entrance. 
  • The silent and oral auctions
  • Meals 

There are no vaccination, testing, waivers, or other requirements at this time. 

Any updates will be posted here and sent to all registered participants. 

While there are no other restrictions currently in effect, everyone is encouraged to wash their hands frequently, cover their coughs/sneezes, and stay home if you are not feeling well or have been exposed to COVID-19.

Check-In Procedures

When you arrive at Hoodoo Ski Area, you will be greeted along the road by our registration team.

All participants in the vehicle will check in at the same time. There is no need to get out of the vehicle unless directed by registration staff.

A member of the registration team will collect your BSA Medical Form Part A & B and complete a short health screening, including a temperature check. 

Registration staff will exchange your medical form for your registration packet, which will be delivered to your vehicle. 

If ANY participants in the vehicle have not yet paid, the vehicle will be directed to a secondary location where payments may be made. Payments accepted include cash, check or credit card. 

After all participant’s payments have been confirmed, the vehicle will be directed where to park by a member of the host lodge parking staff. 

Your registration packet will include: 

  • Tracking sheet
  • Meal ticket
  • Conclave name badge patch and lanyard
  • Participant Guide
  • Training and activity information
  • Lodge specific information
  • Other information and updates for the weekend

Late Arrivals

If you arriving Friday night after 9:00 PM or on Saturday, you will need to check-in at the registration pop-up located near the front entrance of the Hoodoo lodge.


All vehicles will be parked in designated parking areas. There are three parking areas: 

  • Main conclave parking
  • Staff & Handicap Parking
  • RV/Trailer Parking

After checking in, a member of our parking team will direct you where to park. Please inform them if you need specific parking needs.

Unloading or Dropping Off

The parking lot in front of the lodge will be roped off to prevent unnecessary travel into the main conclave footprint. 

If you are dropping off a Scout at conclave or need to unload a large amount of gear or program materials closer to the lodge, let the parking staff know and they will direct you through the barricade to unload/drop off. Please move your vehicle as soon as possible after unloading/dropping off. 

Medical Forms

All participants of Scouting activities lasting less than 72 hours must have a complete Part A & B of the BSA’s Annual Health and Medical Record (health form). This health form is filled out by the participant and/or their parent/guardian and collects important information about medical history in the event of an emergency. 

Medical forms are good for one year (from the date and signature on the front). 

Please bring a complete, filled out, and signed medical form with you to conclave. It is required for check-in. 

A fillable version of the form is available HERE

Often Missed Items on Medical Forms

Click on the following images to view the highlighted items that are frequently missed on the medical form. 

How to Speed Up Your Check-In

Checking in 400 Arrowmen in just a few hours is no easy task. Our registration staff will be ready and waiting excitedly to check you in to conclave, but we need your help. 

Be Prepared with everything you need to check-in.

  • REGISTER: Make sure that you registered before the event. It is REQUIRED this year. We don’t want to turn you away.
  • PAY: Pay before you arrive if you can. You can pay online anytime (even months after you registered for conclave) or pay with cash, check or card at the Oregon Trail Council Service Center (bring a copy of your receipt please). 
  • BE YPT COMPLIANT: If you are 18 or older, make sure your Youth Protection Training is current. If your YPT date is incorrect in your registration (NOAERS) profile or you have been contacted by the registration staff, please bring a copy of your YPT certificate. 
  • MEDICAL FORM: Have a copy of your completed and signed BSA Annual Health & Medical Record (health form) Part A & B ready when you arrive. The fillable form can be found HERE

Having these things ready when you arrive will significantly speed up your check-in, meaning you spend less time standing in line and more time meeting new friends and having fun.

From Salem/Portland Metro Area:

  • Take OR-22 E/Santiam Hwy to US-20 E
  • Follow US-20 E to NF-2690 (Big Lake Road)
  • Destination is about 1 mile up Big Lake Road

From Albany/Corvallis:

  • Take OR-22 or OR-126 E to US-20
  • Take US-20 to to NF-2690 (Big Lake Road)
  • Destination is about 1 mile up Big Lake Road

From Eugene/Springfield:

  • Take OR-126 E to US-20
  • Follow US-20 to NF-2690 (Big Lake Road)
  • Destination is about 1 mile up Big Lake Road

From Bend/Klamath Falls:

  • Take US-97 to US-20 W
  • Follow US-20 W to NF-2690 (Big Lake Road)
  • Destination is about 1 mile up Big Lake Road

From Medford:

  • Take OR-62 E to OR-230 N
  • Follow OR-230 N to OR-138 E
  • Follow OR-138 E to US-97 N
  • Follow US-97 N to US-20 W
  • Follow US-20 W to NF-2690 (Big Lake Road)
  • Destination is about 1 mile up Big Lake Road

Arrowmen will need to bring their own tents to conclave. There will be a designated area for tent camping. 

The section of the camping area located closest to the ski lodge is reserved for those with mobility restrictions. A Scout is courteous. Please leave this area open for those who need it. 

CPAPs & Special Accommodations

Due to the limited use of the ski lodge this year, there will be no indoor sleeping areas. 

If you use a CPAP or other device that requires power, you will need to bring your own power source (e.g. battery and inverter). We cannot guarantee access to power in the camping area at night. 

The section of the camping area located closest to the ski lodge is reserved for those with mobility restrictions. If you need assistance unloading your vehicle, please reach out to our conclave Service Corps staff. 


If you are planning on bringing a trailer or RV to conclave, there are some things you need to know. 

RV Hookups: Hoodoo Ski Area has several RV power hookups available. Only power is provided, no water or sewer. The RV hookups must be reserved and paid for directly through Hoodoo. Please contact Hoodoo directly at 541-822-3799. 

Fully Self-Contained: If your trailer or RV is fully self-contained and you do not need power, you are welcome to park your trailer/RV for free in our designated trailer parking area. Registration and parking staff can assist you in locating a parking spot. 

If you have questions about bringing your trailer/RV to conclave, please contact

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