Conclave 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

All Arrowmen should go to the Section W-1S Conclave! We welcome Arrowmen of all ages from every lodge. Even though it is the Section W-1S Conclave, we always enjoy having Arrowmen from other sections as well. There really is something for everyone. If you are a new Arrowman, don’t be intimidated. Once you come to one, you will be hooked!

Conclave is the largest OA event of the year in our area! 

This weekend-long event is packed full of unique training sessions, fun activities, engaging shows, and fellowship with over 400 Arrowmen from around the Pacific Northwest. 

Whether you are attending conclave for the first time or are a returning participant, there is something for you!

Section W-1S will follow any and all current federal, state, and local mandates regarding COVID-19. 

As of August 27th, masks must be worn all times while inside. Masks must also be worn while outdoors and physical distancing cannot be met. 

All camping at Hoodoo Ski Area will be done in the designated camping are. Participants will need to bring their own personal tents. 

There will be no sleeping inside the buildings. 

If you are planning on bringing your trailer or RV, please review the information HERE.

No. Due to our limited use of the buildings at Hoodoo, we are unable to provide special housing for those with CPAPs or other devices. 

If you use a CPAP, you should bring your own power supply (e.g. a battery). 

If you have additional questions, please contact

Please review the conclave packing list HERE.

This jam-packed weekend of fun and fellowship costs $50

Arrowmen who completed their induction since September 2019 are considered Very Important Arrowmen, or VIAs, and receive a special $5 discount on their registration fee. 


Registration is required this year. You can register online using the National OA Event Registration System (NOAERS). Details can be found HERE


When you register online, there is an option at checkout to pay onsite. 

Please do not arrive prior to 6:00 PM on Friday night. Our staff will still be busy preparing for everyone's arrival. 

You can pay at anytime after registering by logging back into your NOAERS account and completing a payment. 

If you need assistance, contact

To run for a section officer position at conclave, you must get written approval from your council Scout executive or their designee, among other requirements. 

For more information on running for section office, click HERE

For registration related questions, please contact

All other questions can be sent to

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